HelloTalent Connects Candidates and Jobs

As some of you may already know, Workbuster currently works in two business areas, our recruitment system and a support system for private providers associated with the Swedish Public Employment Service, who work to more effectively help jobseekers gain a foothold in the labor market. Our support system for private providers is the leading tool in its field and approximately 90% of all unemployed candidates in Sweden are currently handled in Workbuster's system. 

We’re now launching HelloTalent

The normal streamline in a recruitment process is to publish a job ad and wait for candidates to apply. HelloTalent is the connection that gives you the opportunity to find the right candidates faster. When you publish a job in Workbuster, it is now matched via HelloTalent directly to job-seeking participants in Workbuster's system for private providers. This means that before you even publish the ad on external job sites, HelloTalent will give you suggestions on candidates that match your job. 

How HelloTalent works

When publishing a job in Workbuster, you will now find a tab called HelloTalent!. Under this tab you will find a list of candidates that match your job based on job category and location. The candidates displayed in the list are currently listed with a private provider by the Swedish Public Employment Service.

In the list of candidates you can read a short presentation of the candidates. 

If you wish to get in touch with a candidate from HelloTalent, simply click on the star in the right of the candidate presentation. Your contact information will then be sent to the candidate's supervisor, who will contact you and tell you more about the candidate. Together you agree on whether it is interesting to book a first interview with the candidate.

How to get started!

HelloTalent is automatically activated in your account, however for it to work properly, you need to review a few of settings in your account:

  • Go over job categories

In order for HelloTalent to find matching candidates for your jobs, you need to select a main job category for each job category under settings. 

  • Check that your contact information is correct

Make sure you have the correct phone number and email address entered in your Workbuster profile, in order for the candidate's supervisor to be able to contact you. 

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