We’re introducing Influencers in Workbuster!

To let your employees help finding the right candidates when you are recruiting has been proven to be both cost efficient, provide more qualitative results and lead to lower termination rates. This method is especially efficient for fast growing companies who are looking for talents in professions with hard competition for the right expertise. It's also a great strategy when recruiting for candidates who fit well in to the company culture.

Let your employees become influencers!

We have launched Influencers in Workbuster to encourage employees to share and promote jobs in social media. It also makes it easier to measure the effect it will have for the company. As influencers your employees can share ads through a unique sharing link, which makes it possible to measure the views and applications that the influencer has generated. 

Start using Influencers! 5 easy steps.

  1. The first step is to whitelist your company email domains to make sure only your employees can request a unique sharing link. You set the approven email domain under General Settings.
  2. Your future influencers request their unique sharing link by entering their email address in a block on your career page. To activate the block, navigate to Settings > Career pages and click Edit  on the page that you want to add the block to. Add the block Influencers.
  3. When the Influencer block is published on the career page your employees can request their unique sharing link . When entering their email adress on the career page a link will be sent to their email address.
  4. The link in the email leads to an influencer portal where all your ongoing job ads are listed. On this page your employees have the opportunity to share your ads on social media or by a direct link. When ads are shared from this page it will be trackable how many views and applications that the influencer has generated. The influencer can also track their own leads from the influencer portal.
  5. Measure the effects from your influencers! On each job ad in Workbuster there is a tab called Influencers, it can also be found on the Dashboard. Here you can see your top influencers and the results of their sharings. Under Source In the list of applications you can also see if a candidate applied through an influencer link.

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