Achieve a better hiring hit rate


Success comes easily with competency-based recruitment


Workbuster frees up your time by automating manual tasks. You can focus on the most qualified candidates and hire the right person to take your business forward. By using competency-based recruitment you lay the groundwork for building a candidate database that automatically matches talent to new vacancies.

Process & automate applications

Automate manual tasks and let Workbuster draw up the longlist, based on selection questions, personality tests and skills assessments, making it easy to handle several applications simultaneously. You have more time to spend on the most important parts of the selection process.


Better selection 

Ensure selection quality via a competency-based recruitment process. Using competency-based interview questions you can ensure candidates meet the requirement profile you set up in Workbuster.

Fill posts quicker

A strong candidate database lays the foundation for proactive recruitment. New jobs are automatically matched to candidates with the right skills profile in your database. This keeps you one step ahead of the competition and speeds up recruitment.´


Nurture your candidates 

Maintain good contact with your candidates throughout the process. With Workbuster, you can take care of all communication in the tool: email, requesting additional information and booking interviews. And with our smart reminders, you’ll never forget the feedback step.