Recruitment trends to keep an eye on in 2018

Christmas is around the corner and we'll soon be welcoming the new year with new exciting goals and opportunities! We took this time to sit down and have a think about what we should expect next year, what will happen and how will recruitment change?

From GDPR to candidate experiences and referral programmes – here are our thoughts about the recruitment trends we think you should watch out for in 2018.

1. Increased security around individuals' personal details

This may not be a trend as such, however we will without doubt notice a change in the way that we handle personal details after the introduction of GDPR in May next year. Recruiters need to make sure that they have policys that adhere to the new rules, and make sure that these are followed. The candidates will gain control over how long they want their details to be saved in candidate pools or other records, how these details are handled and if they wish to be deleted from a system completely.

How are your preparations coming along? Are you clear about the implications and ramificaions of GDPR? Especially for professionals like recruiters these new rules are incredibly important. At Workbuster we do of course build our system so that it will help you adhere to GDPR with ease. One of the functionalities that will help you with this is our email system, which you can read about here.

2. More power for the candidate

It's been said that recruitment is starting to look more and more like marketing, and this trend is continuing. Employer branding was big in 2017, and is focusing on companies marketing themselves as good employers. As this continues, more focus will also be put on the candidate experience. Whilst most people know (or at least we hope they know!) how important the candidate experience is, it will be given more importance next year to complement the employer branding.

A bad candidate experience works against, or can completely ruin, the positive work a company does to strengthen their employer branding. The Workbuster system provides several functionalities that can help you improve your candidate experience, which you can read about in other blog posts and that we will continue to post information about.

Recruitment trends Workbuster


3. AI (Artificial Intelligence) och automation

As the expectations from the candidates and their experience through the recruitment process will rise, more time will be demanded from the recruiter. This is why it is becoming crucial to automate monotone or repetitive administrative tasks, so that the recruiter can commit more to other things. Artificial Intelligence is entering the market more and more, and the biggest thing with AI for the recruiter is that it can help save time. To go through hundreds or sometimes thousands resumes, or sending emails that should be automated, or select which candidates to move forward to the next step in the recruitment process, these are things that need to be automated so that the recruiter gets more time to focus on the personal aspect of the recruitment process and the candidate experience.

From automatically single out good candidates from a candidate pool based on skill to applications without resumes (both that the new Workbuster system can help you with), or even facial recognition like this company, AI will be a big part of future recruitments.

4. Take advantage of other people's networks

You can no longer ignore the power of social, and recruiters are starting to realise that candidates' and employees' networks are amazing networks worth tapping in to. Referral programmes and rewards in conjunction with social recruitments will expand, and recruiters are going to put more weight on trying to utilise other people's networks rather than only their own company network. Both current employees (the best advocates!) and other specific target audiences will be used to get access to bigger and stronger networks, and especially sine 92% or people trust referrals from people that they already know more than people that they don't know this is a clever - and soon-to-be necessary - tactic. A function in the new Workbuster system that can help you achieve this will be released early next year so keep checking our updates!

5. Social recruitment

As stated earlier - the power of social cannot be ignored. Many companies are already advertising on social media, but this will become the norm and just like any other common advertising channel. Considering the way that recruiting is moving, for example that people change jobs more frequently,  expectations will rise for shorter and faster recruitment processes. It will be more important than before to reach the passive candidates, and the best way to do this is with social media. Four out of five internet users (in Sweden, but other countries have similar numbers) use social media, and to be able to get your advertisement in front of them when they sit on their couch at home and scroll through their feed without them having to actively look for them will be vital. When advertising on social media you can target specific audiences, and only audiences that are actually relevant to your ads, which menas that you can increase your return on investment and get more high-quality applications.

Shortly you'll be able to advertise your jobs on the biggest social media networks with Workbuster, and we will post more about this early next year.

What do you think we'll see more of in 2018? Do you agree with the abovementioned trends, or do you think it will be different?

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