Four reasons to why you should have your emails stored in Workbuster

How many emails do you send per day, and how many do you receive? There will probably be quite a few for many of us!

When you work with people in the way that recruiters do, going through emails can easily become a large part of your working day. This is why we decided to put a separate inbox in the new Workbuster system - to make it easier. In this article we will go through the four main reasons to why this is a great idea!


GDPR! We're all trying to prepare for GDPR that will come in to play next year, and keeping your emails in Workbuster will help. From May 2018 you will need to have the ability to securely collect all the information that you have about a candidate and delete this information, if the candidate would request so. To have emails saved in the system and tied to an application or candidate means that you'll easily be able to erase information that  needs to be erased. This way you don't have to worry about the large fees your company will have to pay if any of the candidate information is lost.

2. Manage all aspects of recruitment from one platform

To manage all candidate information, candidate profiles, resumes and hiring team collaborations in one place and then having to go somewhere else to email the candidate - that is neither efficient nor logic. Besides, your regular inbox won't reach the limit quite as often if your candidate and hiring team emails have an inbox that is separate to the other emails!

Emails in Workbuster

3. Not tied to a single person - information is available to the entire Hiring Team 

Have you ever been in a situation where you need information that was emailed to someone, and then all of a sudden that person is off sick for four days? Mmm. It does not only make your job a lot harder, but it hinders the recruitment process and delays decisions, which can reflect badly on your company if candidates need to wait too long or even worse - if they have to send the information again. Over half of the candidates want a follow up on their application within 8 days of applying (and 64% of unhappy candidates are happy to share their bad experiences!), we all know how important the candidate experience is!

With the inbox in Workbuster you can manage users' access levels, and that way determine which emails they should be able to read in the system.

4. Easier to organise

Lastly, it simply becomes easier to organise the emails that you receive. The emails in Workbuster automatically arrive in different folders, so you know exactly where the emails from the Hiring Team or an email from a candidate is. Specific candidate emails and email threads can also easily be found inte the candidate profiles, to help you even further.

What do you think? Yay or nay!

You can of course also contact us if you want to know more!

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