A bad candidate experience is bad for business

Finding the perfect candidate with the right skills is hard, which comes as no surprise to anyone. 50% of recruiters say that recruiting new talens is hard or very hard, and 31% say that the lack of good candidates is their single handedly biggest challenge.

With this in mind, we can assume that recruiters have to go through quite a few candidates to find the perfect one. So what happens to the candidates that apply for a job, but aren't quite right for the role or the company? A survey done by Wise Professionals shows that these candidates can make or break the success of your company, as the candidate experience for these candidates influence how they see the company moving forward.

A candidate who is unhappy with the way they were treated during the recruitment process can be bad news for you, as 69% of candidates who had a bad candidate experience are less inclined to purchase goods or services from that company. Wise Professionals mentions the British Telecommunication company Virgin Media, who in 2014 calculated that they had lost customers to a value of 4,4 million pounds due to their negative candidate experience. By improving this and making it a part of a clearer recruitment strategy they managed to increase their sales figures by 9,7 million punds.

Further, 39% of candidates say that the would not apply for another job within the same company due to a bad candidate experience, and they would not recommend their friends to do so either. 65% of candidates discuss their experiences and impressions of the company with others and 9% share their views on social media. A Bad candidate experience can therefore jave severe consequences, since candidates as well as employees act as brand ambassadors for your company. If they find that they are treated badly, they don't hold back of letting the world know.

Kandidatupplevelser Workbuster

The biggest reasons for unhappy candidates revolves around lack of communication, follow-ups and even application confirmations. 10% say that they never received a confirmation for their application and 18% say that the communication during the recruitment process was poor. 14% say that they didn't receive a notification or follow-up at all at the end of the recruitment.

The new Workbuster system reminds you when it is time to follow up with a candidate so that you never forget. You can also easily set up email templates to be sent out automatically, whilst still keeping them personal and customised! We'll help you automise your recruitment processes so that you'll get more time to spend on the personal aspect with the candidates, so that you can give them the experience that they want. Contact us for more information!


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