The ATS for a successful recruitment

To us a successful hiring means that our clients can stay one step ahead the day the need to hire new competence.

The tools you need to succeed

Modern recruitment means automated tasks, competence based hiring and the candidate in focus. We give you the tools to succeed. From first impression to the first day at work.

Attract candidates

Increase your visibility

Applicant tracking system

Take control over the recruitment

Predict your recruitment

Make better decisions

More qualitative applicants

Every workplace is unique. With a flexible careers page you can communicate what makes yours different. With complete content blocks you can reach a professional impression fast and easy. We customize the design after your brand guidelines. Our integrated editor makes it easy to keep the site updated over time.

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Streamline your hiring process

By automating manual tasks you get more time to focus on your top candidates. With customized questionnaires, competence based recruitment and integrated tests you can make better hiring decisions and prevent expensive mistakes. Notifications and reminders help you guarantee a professional feedback to all applicants, through the entire process.

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Improve your recruitment with data

Easy access data help you predict every step of the hiring process and make better decisions. Measure the results of your job ads in real time and take action immediately. Get valuable insights of where your applicants find your jobs and analyze in which step of the process you might lose candidates. Compare KPI:s over time and optimize your recruitment.

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Get a good start

When you start using Workbuster we provide you with a project manager that guides you through the system and helps you get started. The flexibility in Workbuster gives you the opportunity to start in a small scale and develop your recruitment process when your business is growing over time.

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Our GDPR policy

Workbuster follow the EU directions for GDPR. All data is encrypted and stored on certified servers within the EU. Workbuster also supports automatic deletion of candidate data as well as the opportunity for candidates to request the deletion of personal data immediately .

”Vi på Jollyroom rekryterar hundratals nya medarbetare varje år och tack vare Workbuster kan vi garantera våra kandidater en smidig ansökningsprocess och snabb återkoppling – helt enkelt en bra upplevelse oavsett om det leder till anställning eller inte. Det är lätt att tracka vilka annonseringssiter som fungerar bäst för respektive tjänst och systemet är otroligt lättjobbat och logiskt. Dessutom är de i supporten supersnabba och jättetrevliga. Heja Workbuster!”



"För oss innebär ett arbete med Workbuster att vi än mer kan bemöta våra kandidater på ett strukturerat och professionellt sätt då en stor del av administrationen drastiskt reducerats. Strukturen i Workbuster möjliggör ett starkt fokus på kandidatupplevelsen och den användarvänliga plattformen gör det enkelt att vilja arbete i verktyget. Som pricken över i:et har ni en fantastisk supportavdelning.
Keep up the good work!"



Why Workbuster?

By choosing Workbuster you get the right tools to succeed with your recruitment, as well as a reliable partner with an experienced customer success team.

Why Workbuster? Pricing and features