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Workbuster has been a leading supplier of support systems for private providers since 2010, and today over 4000 case officers use the system on a daily basis. private providers associated with the Swedish Public Employment Service have to follow tough requirements concerning documentation and follow-up of your participants’ activities. With Workbuster you get effective support for this as well as useful statistics and financial data to help with your decision-making.


Follow up



To make things easy for private providers, we’ve created clear templates and flows that are easy to follow when creating documentation for your participants. If anything is missing, we’ll send a friendly reminder to the case officer responsible and they can add whatever is lacking. 

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Follow up

For many of the Swedish Public Employments Service programmes, it’s important to monitor whether participants have completed their activity or been kept on for longer. It’s easy to forget to follow-up if participants are on longer placements. Workbuster reminds you who needs to be followed up and, if you want, the system can automatically contact them for parts of the follow-up work.


We’ve made it easy to reach and communicate with participants on their terms – either by SMS or email – and you can communicate with lots of participants at the same time, without losing the personal touch. 

High security approved by the Swedish Public Employment Service.

The privacy of users is vital and documentation must not fall into the wrong hands. All the information in Workbuster is well protected with the help of Mobile BankID, and there are clear authorisation levels to ensure that case officers only see the information they need to complete their work. Naturally, we provide full support for GDPR.

Automate the workflow 

Workbuster lets you see all your decisions via the Excel files you receive from the Swedish Public Employment Service’s online support system. You’ll automatically receive your purchase orders directly in Workbuster, so you know the scope of each participant’s work. When the time comes for invoicing, invoices you generate in the Employment Office’s online support system are checked directly in Workbuster and reconciled against payments received reports. 

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