Increase the accuracy in social media with Workbuster Streams

As a recruiter you have probably experienced the tough competition for the top talents, and as a result spent both time and money on marketing your jobs. However, there are no guarantees that the talents visiting your careers site are ready to submit an application in that moment. 


We are now launching Workbuster Streams

To increase both the accuracy and conversion rate of our clients' marketing we are now launching Workbuster Streams. Streams makes it possible to use retargeting when advertising jobs in social media. So what is retargeting? You have probably experienced looking at a shirt in an online store. The next time you log in to Facebook or Instagram the same shirt will appear as an ad. That is an example of a retargeting ad. Streams allows you to take advantage of the stream of talents that visit your careers site, all the way up to six months back, so that you can advertise future jobs directly towards that target audience.

How does Streams work?

When using Streams we activate a pixel on your career site. A pixel collects information on who visits your website, so that you can target specific ads towards that specific audience. To increase the accuracy, we have developed a unique pixel solution, where we can read what job categories the visitors are interested in, based on what job ads and content the person has visited. A Stream is built during a period of six months and will continuously be updated. Basically, a potential goldmine of potential candidates! It costs nothing to start building your Stream, once your Stream reaches an audience larger than thousand people you will be charged a monthly amount. To learn more about the price levels, please contact .

Build your Stream with interesting content

For Streams to work the best way possible you will have to create a stream of talents visiting your careers site. There are several ways to engage potential candidates, one way is by job ads. Another one is to use Workbuster Stories, our new article format where you have the opportunity to tell inspiring stories of what makes your workplace unique. When you publish a Story, you can choose what job category it goes under. This way Streams can register people that read your Stories - and the next time you are going to fill a position in that particular job category, you are able to advertise the job directly towards these potential candidates. Psst! Read more about Stories and how to get started here.

Advertising with Streams

The next time you buy targeted advertising on Facebook and Instagram via Workbuster, we will target the ad towards two audiences. One audience based on the geographic area, interests and skills, and one based on your Stream, based on website visits within the right job category on your career site. This way you will reach more potential, relevant candidates and make your advertising more accurate and cost-efficient. 

How to get started

For your Stream of talents to start growing, we need to activate Streams in your Workbuster account. The larger your Stream of talents becomes, the greater the chance you have of reaching a cost-efficient and relevant target audience. It costs nothing to start building your Stream, you will only pay when you have reached a Streams audience larger than a thousand people.

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