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As a recruiter, you probably already realized that it is no longer enough to post a job listing to attract top talent. Same thing for your careers site, it might look attractive and inviting with images of happy people and modern office settings, but in the pile of similar career sites it won’t set you apart from other employers with the same approach. 

We’re introducing Workbuster Stories

On October 6th we're launching Workbuster Stories - a new article module for your careers site, where you have the opportunity to tell your company's story. The idea with Stories is to share employee stories and in an engaging way write about what makes your workplace unique. Changing jobs is often a difficult decision, as it is a step out of our comfort zone. With storytelling, you can make it easier for the candidates to visualize their new career and have the courage to take the chance. 

Storytelling is a great way to strengthen your employer brand awareness and build relationships with potential candidates and employees. By telling your story you also improve your chances of being top of mind when it’s time to look for a new job. 

Get started with Workbuster Stories

Stories is a free feature that you can start using immediately upon launch October 6th. The best thing about Workbuster Stories is that they are created in the same way as your job ads - in other words, it's super easy to get started! In your menu to the left you will now find a link called Stories. Click on Stories and then on the button that says Create Story. The stories editor is used in the same manner as the job ads editor. 

Just like your job ads, you edit and publish your stories directly in Workbuster. 

Publishing your stories 

For the stories to be displayed on your careers site we will need to activate the stories module in your Workbuster account. Please send an email to and we’ll help you get started. When the module is activated in your Workbuster account, publishing a story works in the same way as publishing a job.

In order for your story to reach a bigger audience, you can ask colleagues to share it on social media. Therefore, just like with your job ads, we have made it possible to share stories on social media with a customized social share image containing a call to action (see example below). 

Want to add stories to your careers site? Please send an email to and we will help you get started! 

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