Structure your candidate pool with projects

In most cases when hiring, it is of great importance to fill the position quickly. Here is an example of how you can use Workbuster to act proactively and to stay one step ahead when the need to hire arises. In Workbuster, you have the possibility to create projects in which you can gather valuable applications in one place. A project can be equated with an internal folder where you can structure and save qualified candidates within a job category and location.

How to create projects in Workbuster 

To create a new project, click Project in your left hand menu, then click on the button that says New project. In the image below we have chosen to create a project called Frontend Developers, where we want to gather qualified candidates for upcoming vacancies. 


Add candidates to your projects

There are different ways to add candidates to your projects. You can manually add candidates directly in a project by clicking Add applicant. When submitting the candidate's email address Workbuster will automatically connect the candidate profile and its associated information to the project. 

You can also add candidates from the applications list of a job ad. Select the candidates that you wish to add to a project, then click Add to…, thereafter choose which project you wish to add the candidates to. You can use the same method to add candidates from the list of open applications


Manage applications in a project 

Managing applications in projects is a lot similar to managing applications in the list of applications in a job ad . You can assess applications, write comments and view previous uploaded documents. Later when you are seeking to fill a position you can contact potential candidates in your projects by selecting them on the list, and then click on the button that says new message. Write a short description of the position you're seeking to fill and send them a link to the job ad. 


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