How to search for candidates in your candidate pool

When a candidate applies for a job or sends you an open application, they are automatically placed in your candidate pool. In order to easily search for candidates in your candidate pool, you can choose to search among candidates based on a number of different criteria.

How to search among your candidates

In order to search for candidates, click on Candidates in the left menu.

In the top search field you can search for candidates by name, email, location, document and comments. Please note that the search words also match words in the candidates documents, so if you type in a name for example, the outcome might be very large.

To make your search more specific, click on the link that says Show extended search alternatives. 

Here you can choose to search for:

  • First- or last name
  • Personal identify number
  • Location
  • Job category
  • Skills, that you use in Workbuster
  • Position applied for
  • When the candidate applied
  • Color coding
  • Project

You can search for one or several of the criterias at a time. The more criterias you choose/use in your search, the more specified the outcome will be. As in the example below, you can search for candidates with the skill PHP that in the last year have applied for the position as Backend developer located in Linköping. The search result will then only show the candidates that match the criteria. Click Show x matches to display the result.

The search result will be displayed as a list, where you can see basic information about the candidates such as job category, location, highest status and which ads/positions they have applied for. 

By clicking a candidate’s name you will access their candidate profile, where you can find more information.  You can also choose to contact or add the candidate to a job or a project by selecting the checkbox in front of the candidate’s name in the list.

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