Simplify the selection and save time with screening questions

There are a lot of reasons to use screening questions in your application form. It’s especially useful to use screening questions where a large volume of applications is expected, as the results of the screening questions help you automatically make a first assessment. With the automation you can also make sure that unqualified candidates receive feedback faster. It’s easy to get started with screening questions, create the questions once and let Workbuster screen the applications for you. 

Before you start creating your screening questions, it’s a good idea to review the requirements and needs of the job you’re hiring for. What kind of education, experience and skills do you have to have to fill the position? 

Create questionnaires and screening questions in Workbuster

Go to Settings > Questionnaires

On this page you can create questionnaires with screening questions, that you afterwards attach to your application forms. The idea is that you should be able to reuse your screening questions - use the same question in different questionnaires. In the questionnaires, you choose which questions that should be mandatory to answer and how you want to weigh the answer options. The same answer option can thus be worth different points in different questionnaires. Only users with the authority administrator can create and edit the questionnaires, but all users can attach a questionnaires to an application form in a job ad. 

Click Create Questionnaire and give it a name, then click Add New Question. Here you can create new questions or choose to add existing screening questions.

Different types of screening questions in Workbuster

  • Single choice questions - Example: Do you have a driver's license? Yes or No (only one option can be selected)
  • Multiple choice questions - Example: Select the systems you have previously worked in: Workbuster, Visma, Excel, Word, Powerpoint, Outlook
  • Text questions - Example: Write a few lines about why you think we should hire you for this job.
  • Video questions - Example: Tell us about a situation in your career when you have used your creativity in a good way? The candidates are given the option to record a short film clip and attach to their application.

Once you have added the screening questions to your questionnaire, it is now time to mark which questions that should be mandatory to answer, and how you want to grade the answer options. Depending on how you choose to grade the options, Workbuster will sort the applications in the application list. Text and video questions can be selected as mandatory, but they cannot be graded with points. 

Answer options as requirements or grading points?

In cases where a certain competence or experience is required for employment, you can create screening questions with an answer option as required. In the picture below you can see an example of a screening question; Do you have a driver's license?, in which the option "Yes" is marked as a required. By using requirements for an answer option, you can easily see which applications do not meet the requirements in the application list.

Points for answer options

You can distribute points for the answer options to your screening questions, if there is one option that weighs heavier than the others, you set a higher score for that alternative. The outcome shows in the column Questions in the application list, the higher the score - the more relevant the application based on the screening questions.

Attach a questionnaire to an application form

Once you have created your questionnaires, you can now attach these to your jobs. Go to the job you want to add a questionnaire to and click Edit Job and then click the Application form menu. Under the heading Screening Questions, you can now choose to attach one of  your existing questionnaires.

Read the outcome of the screening questions in the application list 

The outcome of the candidates' answers to the screening questions is shown in the application list in the column Questions. You can easily see which applications do not meet the requirements of the job, these are displayed in red while other applications are marked in green.

The example below shows the outcome of a questionnaire with screening questions that contains options with both requirements as well as grading points, therefore they receive different points in the list. The candidates who have been ranked highest in the application list are the ones most relevant for the job, based on their answers to the screening questions.

Answers to text and video questions can be found in the candidate application. These do not contribute to the grading in the application list, but they can still help you save time - as you’re not compelled to search for the specific information requested in the candidate's CV or cover letter.

Screening questions in the application form

Here you can see an example of what the screening questions could look like in your application form. A lot of candidates today find jobs on their cellphone, therefore it is a good idea not to have too many screening questions. Keep it short and easy to apply, and you will get a bigger range of applications. 

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