Free Advertising with Monster Organic!

Workbuster is a selected partner to launch's new concept - Monster organic. The new concept means that your ads will be published on Monster free of charge. Workbuster will make sure that all your ads are automatically published on and in their app. 

How it works 

You create and publish your ads as usual in Workbuster. Workbuster will automatically publish your ad on Monster. This feature is free of charge and included in your Workbuster subscribtion. 

Here is an exampel of what a Monster ad could look like:

What's the difference to a paid job listing on Monster?

In the free ad the extended reach is not included, and your logotype will not be displayed. In the free version it is also required that the candidate is logged in to Monster to view the application link. 

For further information, please contact 

Your ads are already visible on Monster today - good luck finding your next top talent!


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