New Feature! Document types in Workbuster

It’s now possible to create multiple document types for your application forms, for example if you want the applicants to upload both a résumé and a cover letter, or a graduation diploma.

To create new document types, navigate to Settings > Document types and click Create document type. Name your document type as you wish to present it in the application form. If you have a career page in multiple languages, you can add translation a translation for each language needed.

Choose if the document type should be standard for all future jobs ads, and if it should be required to upload in the application. You can also choose to set the document type as an internal file, which means that you upload it yourself in the candidate profile, for example interview notes.

To activate a document type for a single job ad, go to Edit job ad > Application form and choose which document types to show.

Good to know!

  • Changes regarding standard setting under Settings > Document types are only affecting upcoming ads. To change the settings for a running ad, go to Edit job ad > Application form.
  • Job ads inherit settings from roles, in case a role was chosen in the creation of a job ad. This includes settings for document types. If you wish to change settings for a single job ad, go to Edit job ad > Application form.
  • For candidates who apply with their LinkedIn profile, there will no longer be required to upload a résumé. This also applies to job ads where the document type is set as required. 

Document types in open applications

  • It’s not possible to set a document type as required for open applications.
  • If a candidate chooses to apply to several roles, all document types regarding the roles will appear in the application form. 

If you have any questions regarding Document typs in Workbuster, please contact us as +46 08-580 807 30 or .

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