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Today, the competition to attract top talent is tough. Many candidates are actively searching for information about employers to get an idea of ​​what it is like to work at their future workplace. Therefore, we have now launched a couple of new features that will make it even easier to keep the career site engaging and up to date. 

Dynamic banner

Dynamic banner is our new start banner featuring automatically updated content based on vacancies and existing content. In the dynamic banner, you choose which image or video you want as a background. The menu on the left is created and updated automatically according to the content on the career site, however you can choose to remove or add more links as you wish. To the right there is an excerpt of vacancies or employee stories. 

Location and Department pages

Create data-driven subpages to present specific departments or locations in your organization. The department and location pages are managed directly in Workbuster, without having to edit the content in the page builder. These subpages are created under Settings > Job Categories / Locations.

In the settings for each job category or location you add the basic content of your subpages. Write a description of the department/location, and choose a hero image. Vacancies and Stories connected to the department or location will automatically be published on the subpage. 


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