Better overview with color coding

There are many ways to assess and categorize applications in Workbuster, for example rate suitability or based on competencies. However, both examples are connected to an application for a specific job. In some cases you might want to make a categorization that accompanies a candidate, even if the candidate applies to several jobs. By using color coding, you will get a clear overview in the application list of which candidates that belong to a specific category. 

There are many ways of using color coding. We have listed a few examples below: 


  • Candidates who apply via your intranet 
  • Applications submitted on a specific event
  • Employee referrals. When you receive an application via tips from an employee, color coding is a good way of remembering to give feedback to the colleague that referred the candidate to apply. 

You can create which color codes that best suit your organization and help you ease your processes.

How to get started

  • You activate the color coding system in your Workbuster account by clicking on Settings -> Modules and then activate the module for color coding. You will then need to log out and login again.
  • You will now see a separate module for color coding under Settings the next time you log in. By clicking the module you can create your own system for color coding. The colors you create will be visible in the main menu to the left, so that you can easily remember what every color represents, see picture below. 

Assign a color for a publishing channel

You can assign colors to different publishing channels, your intranet for example. This means that all candidates applied via your intranet, will be marked with that color. This helps you get a quick overview from where your candidates have applied. To assign a color for a publishing channel you go to Settings and choose the module ‘publishing channel’. 

How does the color codes show?

When a candidate matches the criteria for a color code, he or she will automatically be marked with that color. As the example in the picture; both David and Sara are marked with the color of purple, which means that they have applied via the intranet. If, for example, Sara would apply for another position,  she would still be marked with the color of purple. 


Color code a candidate manually

In cases where you use color coding for other categories than publishing channels, you might want to assign a color to a candidate manually. Simply open the candidate’s application and press the cogwheel in the upper right corner. Then scroll down to the color section and choose what color you want to mark the candidate with. Make sure you don’t forget to update the candidate’s profile when you are done! If you would like to remove a color from a candidate, simply press the same color that the candidate has already been marked with.

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