Simplified candidate management with a new applications list

We’re launching an updated version of the applications list. The new applications list will simplify and improve the managing of your received applications. The updated list is faster and easier to filter, keep track of new and upcoming events and gives you a better overview of unmanaged applications.

In this video you can see some of the new improvements: 

The new applications list is easier to filter according to your preferences and needs. For example you're now able to filter the list on applications that are unread, unmanaged or need your attention. You can also choose to view applications with a certain status - for example candidates whom have been invited to an interview. If you wish to filter the list further, click on Show filter in the right corner of your screen. To get a better overview of your received applications, you can sort the list by rating, latest or oldies application date.

Keep track of new and upcoming events 

To help you keep track of new and upcoming events, we've added icons and notifications to the applications list. For new events regarding an application, such as incoming emails or if a colleague mentions you in a comment, a notification will appear as an icon and a blue dot.

Candidates called for an interview have now received a cup under their name in the applications list. By hovering the pointer over the coffee cup, you can view more information about when they are going for an interview and with whom.

Please note that along with the new applications list, we will also launch a new version of the recruitment board. We’ll keep you updated in the next few weeks. 

The new applications list will be activated for all users this spring. We'll get back to you with more information on the exact date for the update. When launching  we'll also provide you with tutorials of all the new functionality of the updates applications list. Want to start using the new applications list now? Please send an email to and we’ll help you get started. 

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