Connects jobs and candidates 

HelloTalent connects your jobs with talents directly in Workbuster

Workbuster currently works in two business areas - our recruitment system and a support system for private employment agencies associated with the Swedish Public Employment Service (Arbetsförmedlingen). Our support system is the leading in its field and the majority of all job seekers in Sweden are currently handled in Workbuster's system. HelloTalent is the connection between our systems that matches your jobs with talents listed with a private employment agency.

How it works

Automatic job matching 

Normally when publishing a job, the next step is to wait for candidates to apply. HelloTalent gives you the opportunity to find the right talent faster. When publishing a job ad in Workbuster, it is via HelloTalent automatically matched to job seekers listed within a private provider. Which means that before you even have the time to post your job to external job site, HelloTalent will give you suggestions of candidates. 

HelloTalent makes it easier to recruit inclusively  

More and more employers want to move towards a more inclusive recruitment process. There are many benefits, inclusive recruitment can both help you to solve skills shortages, but it can also strengthen your employer brand by taking a bigger social responsibility. Despite the ambition and knowledge of the benefits, many lack the support and knowledge of how to proceed in practice. HelloTalent makes it easier to take the first step toward an inclusive recruitment. 

How HelloTalent works

When publishing a job in Workbuster, you will now find a tab called HelloTalent. Under this tab you will find a list of candidates that match your job based on job category and location. The candidates displayed in the list are currently listed with a private provider by the Swedish Public Employment Service. 

Step 1

Show your interest in a candidate by clicking the star icon

Step 2

Your contact information will be forwarded to the candidate's supervisor

Step 3

The supervisor will get in touch with you to tell you more about the candidate

Step 4

The first interview is appointed via the supervisor