You’re in charge

By automating your manual tasks you can spend your time on what has the biggest impact on your recruitment.


Focus on your top candidates

By automating your manual tasks we make sure you can spend time on your most qualified candidates. Our complete recruitment solution gives you the right tools to attract candidates, easier assess applications and predict your hiring process.

Make sure to guarantee all candidates a professional feedback during the entire process. With notifications and reminders you’ll never forget to reply to a candidate. Email templates and integrated interview booking saves you time and effort and will make your candidates feel noticed.

Workbuster automatically presents potential candidates from your candidate pool when posting a new job. So that you can always stay one step ahead.

Simplified recruitment

Workbuster provides you with everything you need for a professional recruitment process. Assess applications efficiently, communicate with candidates, and make better hiring decisions with competence based recruitment.

Competence based recruitment

When hiring, you can either trust your gut feeling and hope for the best. Or you can base your hiring decisions on the skills and competences your company needs. We strongly believe in the second option. Workbuster support competence based recruitment and integrated tests, to help you ensure the quality of your hires and avoid expensive mistakes. By recruiting competence based you have also the power to build a strong candidate pool. When posting a job in Workbuster, you automatically get presented with potential candidates from your candidate pool based on their skills.

Candidate experience

The candidate experience starts on your careers page. Make it accessible to find engaging content and simplify the application process. The Workbuster application form is flexible and you can customize it by creating relevant questionnaires and decide which document should be mandatory to attach when applying.

Manage all your candidate communication in one place. With Workbusters notifications and reminders you can make sure that everyone get a professional feedback throughout the entire process.

Work together

Workbuster has a modern and intuitive interface that is easy for the whole team to work in. The system allows collaboration between you and your colleagues so that you can easily assess applications and manage the hiring process together. Decide who can access which content and tasks.

We get you there

Your hiring process may be complex, but it doesn’t have to be complicated. Our experienced customer success team is only a phone call away when you need help to improve your recruitment.

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