Nira dynamics

NIRA Dynamics

NIRA Dynamics develops safety and navigation software solutions in partnership with many of the world’s leading car manufacturers. The company’s technology can be found in over 40 million cars on the road today. Nira Dynamics wanted a recruitment tool to manage job applications.

The challenge

To keep growing the company needs to attract the right candidates. Like many other technology companies, we’re recruiting in an incredibly competitive job market so needed to attract more candidates from outside our traditional target group.

The solution
We wanted a tool that could take our recruitment to the next level. At the same time, we needed a flexible solution that could be integrated with our existing careers page. Our aim was to have a wider range of candidates to choose from and to move beyond personal subjectivity in recruitment, to focus instead on the candidate’s knowledge, skills and potential. 

The outcome
With Workbuster, we’ve found a solution that supports our competency-based recruitment process. It is integrated with our careers page so it reflects our branding. The user-friendly interface means that we can quickly get managers up to speed with the tool and the job ads are more attractive. Above all we have a tool that helps us remain objective and achieve a better hit rate in recruitment. We’re incredibly pleased with Workbuster!

Henrik Valeskog

Nira Dynamics