Highlights from 2019

Highlights 2019

2019 has been an eventful year. We have implemented a lot of new functionality and improved the user experience in Workbuster. We have listed a selection of the highlights from the past year:

New Workbuster Interface

In early 2019, we released a major design update to the Workbuster interface. In addition to the more modern design, the user experience as well as the ability to work more efficiently were also improved.

Improved recruitment with competency-based interview questions

We have improved our interview guides to support competency-based recruitment. We have also started a collaboration with Home of Recruitment, which means that our customers can access their competence framework.

New publishing channels

Targeted advertising Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn
Since the beginning of the year, it has been possible to reach out with your ads to target groups on social media through Workbuster. Our social media team helps you set up a campaign to reach potential candidates for your jobs.

Indeed sponsored jobs
All jobs in Sweden are automatically, free of charge, published on Indeed. However, there is high competition to be displayed as the ads are many. We have introduced sponsored jobs as a publishing channel in Workbuster. Sponsored jobs rank at the top of the search results and give up to five times as many clicks as a free job ad.

Updates in the careers site editor

During the past year, we released a number of new features and content blocks in our careers site editor. We are constantly working to improve the editor, so that you can easily keep your careers pages updated. A new feature is the Sticky apply button. Sticky apply is a CTA button that is always attached at the top of the ad page, no matter how far down the candidate scrolls. The button links to the application form. Our hope is that by a faster navigation more candidates will convert.

Social share images

This fall, we launched a new feature in Workbuster where you can create your own customized sharing images for social media posting, that clarify the message of your ads and inspire more candidates to visit your careers site.

Breakit Impact Challenge

Workbuster was one of 431 companies that participated in the very first edition of Breakit Impact Challenge, a digital bootcamp with the aim of making modern business more eco friendly – and in the long term climate neutral. At Workbuster, we have a strong environmental commitment and we want to contribute as much as possible to a positive change. We want to be a company that strives for a better environment by constantly evaluating what we do based on its climate impact.

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