For a fairer labour market


We contribute to a labour market that offers more opportunity to more people with the help of Workbuster’s tools for private employment agencies.

Workbuster has helped 120.000 into the labour market

Workbuster is the leading support system for Sweden’s private employment agencies, whose task is to help people get back into work, or even to find their first job. Since 2010, 120.000 people have entered employment with the help of Workbuster’s tools.

Next step towards a fairer labour market

With Workbuster’s HelloTalent! function, we automatically match candidates looking for work with vacancies at employers. This gives more candidates a shot and enables our employers to discover untapped talent.

We're happy to support

Carbon offsetting as a first step

Naturally, we offset our carbon footprint, but we’re also doing everything we can to reduce it. We choose eco-friendly options for everything from our travel to the energy we use.