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The future of Talent Acquisition 

Strengthen your employer brand, attract and engage the best candidates, and improve the quality of your selection process with Workbuster. 

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The key to successful hiring

Boosting your presence in the right channels raises your profile as an employer and drives a flow of potential candidates to your site. Combined with a careers page that effectively converts talent into candidates, you build a skills database that automatically matches people to vacancies. Workbuster makes sure you always stay ahead in the race to attract the best talent. 

Attract and convert

Strengthen your employer brand by increasing your visibility among talent in your target group. We’ll help you build a careers page with a simple application process and compelling content that engages more candidates.  

Popular features
  • Targeted advertising
  • Get in touch
  • Engaging careers page

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Process and selection

Automate manual processes and free up time for the most qualified candidates. Improve the quality of your selection and assess applications with your team. 

Popular features
  • Automation
  • Competency-based recruitment
  • Relevant candidate database

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Analyse and optimise

Make better decisions with easy access to statistics. Workbuster gives you an overview of every stage, from marketing to hiring. 

Popular features
  • Compare KPIs over time 
  • Monitor ads in real time
  • Data visualisation

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The difference is like night and day. We received excellent support from Workbuster’s project manager to get us up and running. Thanks to Workbuster’s careers page, we’re now considered more professional.


With Workbuster, we’ve found a solution that supports our competency-based recruitment process. It is integrated with our careers page so it reflects our branding. The user-friendly interface means that we can quickly get managers up to speed with the tool and the job ads are more attractive.

NIRA Dynamics

It’s easy to track which jobs sites work best for each position, and the system is incredibly user-friendly and logical. The people in support are also incredibly quick and very friendly. Go Workbuster!

About workbuster

Stay one step ahead in the competition for talent

At Workbuster we’re committed to creating user-friendly talent acquisition solutions. Not happy to follow the pack, we want to set new trends in the market so our customers have the advantage in the recruitment battle. Our mission is to build innovative and high-quality talent acquisition solutions that are easy to use and help our customers attract and recruit the best candidates.

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Webinar – Get started with Competency-based recruitment

Tune in on February the 7th , when we - in collaboration with HOME of Recruitment - host our next webinar in which we'll...

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Keep your career site up to date with data-driven content!

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Better overview with color coding

Författare / föreläsareDold / PlatsTegnérgatan 8Publicerad / När7 februari, 2019There are many ways to assess and categorize applications in Workbuster, for example rate suitability or based on competencies. However, both examples are connected to an appli...